★Poseidon’s Patch by Lacquester★

I have to share this one with you guys! I fell in love with a nail polish today 😍

I had a nail goodie package in the mail today from Lacquester with three amazing colours. I tried on Poseidon’s Patch and it was an instant hit!

Ohhh my the holo!!! 😍❤😍❤😍




I just cannot stop looking at it it’s so pretty!Lacquester is an indie polish maker and has many more amazing lacquers.

I’m going back to staring at my nails! Have a nice evening all 😚

Love Llewellyn 💙


★ Zodiac by Urban Decay ★

I recently purchased ‘Zodiac’ by Urban Decay and found this awesome tutorial online. Since I also have the 24/7 glide-on eye pencil, shade ‘Deep End’ (see my review on this awesome eye pencil here), of course had to try this myself 😄


I do really like the result and will use this look more often!


I love UD’s eye shades but ‘Zodiac’ is definitely one of my favourites. Up till now I’ve always paired ‘Zodiac’ with the 24/7 glide-on shade ‘Junkie’ but I think I have a new favourite!

Love Llewellyn ♥

★ The perfect Christmas lacquer ~ Paese nr. 324 ★

I received my Styletone Beautybox on Saturday and it contained loads of goodies! I absolutely love this box and it’s the only one that has been consistently good so far.

I’d like to focus on the Paese Nail Polish because it’s gorgeous and a guaranteed Christmas hit!


It’s sparkly and black like a starry night. If you put it on by its own it has a matte finish but when you put a top coat over it it gets even shinier. I like both though.

It feels very strong and I have a feeling it will last for a long time.

I really recommend it!


Do you have any Christmas favourites or tips? Let me know!

Love Llewellyn ♥

★ LookFantastic Advent Calendar ★


I’m so late with this post. I wanted to do a 25 days of Christmas challenge and post what was behind which door every day but… I forgot 😂

So a quick recap of the past 5 days!

December 1st:

The first day contained my all time favourite hair product ever, Moroccanoil Oil Treatment! I use this pretty much every day and this handy travel size one is always a big welcome! I’m also a big big fan of their shampoos and conditioners!


December 2nd:

Today I found a beautiful lipgloss by LORD & BERRY Skin Lip Gloss shade Skin, a brand I came to love for mostly it’s eyeliners. The colour is gorgeous and smells great. Happy me!


December 3rd:

I still need to use today’s item; GlamGlow Super-Mud Mask Treatment
 so I cannot really give an opinion on it rather than it smells nice 😛 It has a strong minty eucalyptus scent.


December 4th:

Diamond Oil Conditioner is awesome! I love the scent and the way my hair feels after using it! Me is happy. It leaves my hair extra curly for some reason.


December 5th:

Today’s product is REN’s Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. The scent reminds me of tea. I’m curious about this product so I will try it tonight I think.


5 nice goodies so far, can’t wait for what tomorrow brings!

I’ll try to post everyday but if I fail I’ll give you the short recap! 😉

For European visitors I’ve added links to the products in the post, for US visitors here are the links to the products:


Love Llewellyn ♥

★ Institut Karité 100% Shea Butter ★

I’ve been hearing about the miracles of shea butter for years and discarded it as a ‘yeah sure… Yet another creamy product fab’, but a couple of months ago I received some in a Beautybox and have started to use it now that autumn has arrived.

I have to be fair, it is a very pleasant product. Keeps the lips moisturised. they have been cracking a bit lately, and helps with my dry hands and elbows.

It’s not a miracle cream but I do understand why people love it so much.

The product I’m using is from Institut Karité Paris (shea butter 100% Beurre de Karité).


Love Llewellyn ♥

★ Unboxing LookFantastic (1st Birthday) Beautybox September ★

I’ve been buying the LF Beautybox regularly but somehow never did an Unboxing for it and this time too I’m blogging about it very late.

It is a very interesting Beautybox though that deserves some attention and I’ve been wanting to write about the 1st birthday box since I received it but simply didn’t get to it.

So here it goes 😉

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this Beautybox, some months I absolutely love the contents and others I really dislike them. For this reason I never pre-order but always wait for spoilers and then decide whether to buy or not. I took a gamble with the September birthdaybox since I wondered if it would sell out soon. It didn’t…

I felt a bit ripped off and disappointed. When I pre-ordered the box it was advertised as valued £95,- but after a few days they changed that to ‘worth £55,- + £40,- very worthless, crappy vouchers’ (sorry LF but they sucked). That really felt bad, that was not how it was advertised when I bought the box.

Anyway, the contents were nice and we even received 2 extra products. Usually you receive 6 test/travel size products with occasionally some full products.

I liked this box though, there were some really nice products in it.


For example the shampoo and conditioner by Sebastian Penetraitt. They smell real good and make my hair amazingly wavy and soft.


The Phytokératine Extreme is also a very lovely product and I might even buy the full one. It’s non-sticky and leaves no residues when dried up. It gives my hair some nice firmness and since I damaged it a year ago by bleaching it too much (I went from black back to blonde) it helps restore and reduce frizziness.


I always wanted to try out Caudalie products and this serums and hydrating cream are awesome. I especially love the serum, that smell is wonderful and it gives the skin a lovely glow.


This Codage scrubbing cream is my favourite in this box, what a fabulous product. The scrub is very subtle but effective and it has a pleasant moisturizing cream to rub into the skin simultaneously. I highly recommend it!


I’m not a fan of this Bliss face wash, I don’t like the smell and I don’t like the texture. But hey, that’s my personal taste.


I never wear tan products but might give this product by Tanworks a try one day.


The vouchers… Sigh…


There was also a sneak peek in the box about an LF advent calendar. It got me very curious so I pre-ordered it. It was a bit pricey but it should also have a nice value. It should ship somewhere in November! I cannot wait!!!

Love Llewellyn ♥

★ Unboxing Styletone Beautybox October ★

Hello Noobers,

This is my third Styletone Unboxing since I started this blog and I have to say that, this month too, I absolutely loved the contents!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but the box always contains 5 (or more) full products.



The ‘Glamour Girl’ Liptini lipstick by Tini Beauty (€17,95) is amazing! I love the colour and I love the scent (reminds me of MAC). It’s an amazing autumn colour that I’ll gladly wear!


My least favourite product is the Cargo Cosmetics Brow Defining Kit (€24,-). It’s probably a very good product but I don’t use any brow products so I gave it away.

It came in a very neat little package though with a mirror and brush.


I also received a Ciate lacquer (€9,95), which I’m excited about to try, since it’s a brand I’ve been ogling for quite some time but never really ended up buying.


My most favourite product from this box is probably the Sponge Me sponge (€9,95).



It’s rough and hard when dry but when soaked it has an amazingly flexible texture. I love washing my face with it and it makes my skin feel smooth and soft.

The package says it’s ergonomically designed to fit the palm of your hand and this is true. Because of it it’s really easy to work with.

… I know… I’m exited about a sponge… Sigh. When I received it at first I thought; ‘Well, it’s a sponge… how nice…’ (yes sarcasm 😂), but it really is a nice product, it pleasantly surprised me.

Anyways, lastly I received a Lip Pencil from ‘Three Custom Color Specialists’ (€15,95). I don’t use lip pencils often but this is a nice product, especially in combination with the Liptini lipstick.


Hope you enjoyed it! You can find your own Styletone Beautybox here. Till next time beauties.


Llewellyn ♥

★ New shoes 😍😍😍 ★

I don’t post much fashion items for the simple reason that I really am a Noob. I don’t know what’s in or out, hot or not. I just like what I see and that’s it.

I’m horrible at mixing and matching and always wonder if I can wear item A with item B.

You won’t be staring at me in horror thinking what the … is that girl wearing?! But I’m sure that most days you won’t be amazed about the creations I have on.

I’m especially terrible when it comes to shoes. Where most women love shoe-shopping I dread it. I always get hot having to try on this pair and that pair, ugh.

So when I enter a shoestore and I fall in love with the first pair of shoes I see, and they happen to fit like Cinderella’s slipper, it kinda makes me want to shout ‘Eureka’!

I went shoe hunting last Thursday and found these amazing black nubuck shiny leather ankle boots by Gabor.


They fit amazingly well and are too easy to walk on.

I still need to figure out how to keep them best in shape so if you guys have any tips let me know!


For those interested, the brand name is Gabor and the article number is 35660.

Love Llewellyn ♥

★MAC & Giambattista Valli ~ Crystal Glaze Gloss ★

This weekend MAC launched it’s Giambattista Valli collection here which sold out in no-time. BUT!!! I got my hands on the one product I wanted (thanks to fellow blogger Kelly Erika) the Crystal Glaze Gloss.

It’s been worth the wait, my my what a beauty!

IMG_20150917_204309 IMG_20150917_205042

Look at that pure pearly glow. The photo doesn’t even do justice to what it actually looks like. You can use it to moisturise your lips or to brighten up lipsticks but I recommend using it on its own. It smells amazing too, vanilla yum 😉

Jup, I’m in love 💖

xXx Llewellyn ♥

★ Unboxing Styletone Beautybox September ★

Last weekend I received the September Styletone Beautybox and it was full of goodies again!


My box contained the ‘Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Mask’, a ‘Beebee Professional Powder Brush’, a ‘So Susan Feather Lash Mascara’, a ‘So Susan Statement Skin’ and a ‘Mullein & Sparrow Tinted Lip & Cheek Balm’.


The Beebee brush is amazingly soft and made of synthetic hair. What I love most about the brush is the way it lifts the powder on to the face without spilling. And the softness, oh my it’s feels like a baby bunny!


This might possibly be my favourite product in this box. I usually don’t like powders, cremes, highlighters, bronzers or foundation on my face but this is such a light product, and you only apply it there where it needs a bit of shine, that I totally fell in love with it. I mostly use it to give a nice fresh glow on my nose, chin and forehead and sometimes on my cheekbones. It smudges brilliantly and gives a cute pearly glow. Love it!


The Timeless Truth Mask made me look like a mummy’s bride but it was amazing. It felt supercool and soothing and my skin felt smooth and soft afterwards. I completely understand why high-end hotels use these masks in their Spa and Wellness centres!


I hate water resistant mascara and I hate the long-spider-leg-lashes-look even more, so this is a meh product for me, but for those who love water resistant mascaras that create this look, it is very likely a fantastic product.

For the test I applied a very little amount because it irritated me pretty much instantly. I don’t feel water resistant mascara gives much space to play with the volume, it dries in too fast and when it’s dry there’s not much flexibility in grooming the lashes and shaping/spreading them the way you wish.

The Twiggy look never really was my thing, but since I only applied a little, I did like the visual. I’m biased though, nothing beats my Max Factor Gezichtje met knipoog


Last but not least the Mullein and Sparrow Balm. I love this balm, it smells great (reminds me of oranges and chocolate) and is very smooth. Not too fat or oily and gives a nice glow. I won’t use it on my cheek but hey, that’s just me Lachebekje met zonnebril

All and all, again a great Beautybox! I cannot wait for next month’s!

xXx Llewellyn ♥